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Allahabad High Court rejects the petition of murder accused sonbhadra case ann

Sonbhadra News: Allahabad High Court has refused to grant any relief to the accused in the famous case of murdering a Hindu woman after she refused to convert to Islam after marriage. The High Court has rejected the bail plea of ​​the accused Shoaib Akhtar in this case. Petitioner Shoaib Akhtar is accused of murdering his wife Priya because she did not convert to Islam despite pressure from his friend Ejaz.

Considering the gravity of the crime, the High Court has also rejected the second bail plea of ​​Shoaib Akhtar, a resident of Chopan area of ​​Sonbhadra district. The first bail plea of ​​accused Shoaib Akhtar was rejected by the High Court in January this year. According to the case, a chowkidar of Sindhuriya village received information on 21 September 20 that a headless body was lying in the drain. Later it was identified that the body was of a woman named Priya.

There was pressure to convert to Islam
Priya was married to Ejaz Ahmed alias Asif a few days ago. Priya and Ejaz belonged to different religions. Priya was a Hindu while her husband Ejaz was a Muslim. According to the family of the murdered woman, husband Ejaz was pressuring his wife Priya to convert to Islam after marriage. Ejaz had refused to bring her home without converting to Islam.

In the police investigation, it was clear that Ejaz and petitioner Shoaib Akhtar together killed his wife Priya when she refused to convert her religion. Priya’s body was cut into two pieces and thrown into the drain. Priya was murdered on 21 September 2020. In its investigation, the police considered Priya’s husband Ejaz and his friend Shoaib Akhtar as accused. Petitioner Shoaib Akhtar had sought bail on the basis of co-accused Ejaz getting bail. Opposing this, the government lawyer said – Ejaz has got bail by lying and telling more jail term, so the petitioner is not entitled to get its benefit.

The High Court has ordered the trial court to settle the case soon. The court has also directed SP Sonbhadra to ensure the presence of witnesses in the court. The case was heard in a single bench of Justice Sanjay Kumar Singh. The court has remarked that considering the severity of the crime, no relief can be given to the petitioner. The first bail plea of ​​petitioner Shoaib Akhtar was rejected in January this year.

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