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Bad News for Those Who Consume Multivitamins Every Day! This Shocking Revelation Was Made in a Study

Recently a special kind of report has been published in Britain about multivitamins. In this report it was clearly stated that those people who are happy by eating multivitamins every day think that their age is increasing or they are becoming younger and stronger with time, then remove this misconception from your mind. Because this does not happen at all.

What did the British Researcher Say?

Our researchers have been doing research on multivitamins for a long time. It has been found that people who consume it daily do not increase their age but their risk of death increases. Instead of living longer, the chances of such people dying increases.

Taking multivitamins every day can lead to heart disease and cancer

Research says that people who take multivitamins every day are more likely to die. These people have a higher chance of dying as compared to those who do not take them. In UK, more than half of the youth take multivitamins once a week or more. Which is worth more than half a billion pounds annually. Whereas in America, more than one-third of the youth take multivitamins every day to protect themselves from other kinds of diseases.

Eat the Things Found in Multivitamins in a Natural Way

The researcher clearly said that multivitamins are very dangerous for the body. If you consume beta-carotene found in it in a natural way, it will protect you from cancer, but if you take it as a supplement, it increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease. Iron is added to many multivitamins. Consuming too much iron can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and depression.

Death Rate Rises by 4%

The years of research found no evidence that taking a daily multivitamin reduced the risk of death, and instead showed that those who took it had a 4% higher mortality rate in the early years of follow-up. The higher risk of death may reflect harm caused by multivitamins or a tendency for people to start taking a daily multivitamin when they had serious illness.

Eat Homemade Healthy Food Instead of Multivitamins

Beta carotene, vitamin C and E, and zinc found in multivitamins reduce age and also weaken the eyes. The researcher said that instead of eating multivitamins, we should eat healthy and home-made food. This is more beneficial for the body. We should eat healthy home-made food. Which has plenty of nutrients along with healthy fat. Also, there is limited amount of cholesterol. Which gives macronutrients and fiber to our body.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, please consult the concerned expert. 

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