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Siwan Bridge Collapse: 2 Bridges Collapsed Amid Heavy Rains in Siwan

Siwan Bridge Collapse: Due to heavy rains in Siwan district of Bihar, two 35-year-old culverts collapsed in the early hours of Wednesday (3 July). One culvert collapsed in Deoria Panchayat of Maharajganj which was built on the Dhamhi river. The other culvert collapsed near Nautan Sikandarpur village of Maharajganj block. It was built on the Gandaki river.

Just about 10 days ago, a bridge collapsed. Of the two culverts that collapsed today, one (the bridge over the Gandaki river) was built in 1998 at a cost of six lakhs from the funds of the then MP Prabhunath Singh and the other (the bridge over the Dhamhi river) was built in 2004 at a cost of 10 lakhs from the same funds.

Never Repaired Even Once

Local people say that after the culvert was built, it was not repaired even once, due to which the bridge collapsed. Due to the collapse of the culvert, traffic has come to a complete halt. Due to the collapse of the culvert, connectivity of many villages has been cut off.

The Chief and CO Reached the Spot

Local people also said that the bridge that collapsed before this was also caused by excessive soil cutting. This one too has collapsed due to soil cutting. Some people had complained about this to the local officials, but it was taken lightly. The head of Deoria Panchayat and the local CO have reached the spot.

The Bridge on Gandak Canal Collapsed on 22 June

Let us tell you that before this, the bridge built on the Gandak canal in Siwan suddenly collapsed on June 22. A pillar of the bridge fell and within a few minutes the bridge sank into the water. The incident took place in Ramgarha Panchayat of Daraunda block. The bridge built on the Gandak canal between Patedha and Garauli villages was very old.

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