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Brakes of the Bus Failed in Amarnath Due to Which the Lives of 40 People Were in Trouble Video Viral

A major accident was averted in Amarnath. Due to the presence of mind of the security forces, lives were saved from being lost. The incident is of a bus returning from Amarnath to Hoshiarpur. There were 40 people in this bus. Meanwhile, the bus lost control on National Highway 44, the reason for losing control is said to be brake failure.

The heart-wrenching thing is that when the brakes of the bus failed, the bus was on a slope. In such a situation, when the bus lost balance, about 10 people saved their lives by jumping from the moving bus because the bus was about to fall into the ditch. Meanwhile, when the security forces deployed on the highway noticed the bus, they ran to stop it. The video of the incident is going viral on social media. Which has been seen by thousands of people so far.

In the viral video, it can be seen that people are shouting that the brakes have failed. Meanwhile, the Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel and security forces patrolling on the highway became active to stop the bus and the teams ahead were also alerted. After a lot of effort, the bus was saved from falling into the ditch.

With the help of the police, people put stones in front of the bus so that the bus stops on the slope. After a lot of effort, the bus stopped, which saved the lives of the people. The passengers panicked at the news of the bus brakes failing on the narrow roads at the height of the mountain. In such a situation, the passengers jumped down from the bus without thinking anything. 10 people have been injured in this incident. The video of the incident has surfaced on social media. Seeing which everyone’s breath stopped.

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8 people were injured in Amarnath

While returning from Baltal to Hoshiarpur, the brakes of the bus carrying Amarnath pilgrims suddenly failed on the slope. Some people jumped from the moving bus to save their lives. Police and security forces stopped the bus after a lot of effort. About 8 people were injured while jumping from the moving bus. All the passengers in the bus were from Punjab. The injured include 6 men, 3 women and a child.

22 people lost their lives in the recent accident

Let us tell you that this is not the first incident of brake failure on hilly roads. Earlier in May, the brakes of a bus had failed in Akhnoor, Jammu. A total of 80 people from two different states were travelling in the bus. 22 people died in this accident and more than 50 people were injured.

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