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Gang Violence in Haiti Leaves Millions Hungry

of the United Nations World Food Programme , WFP It is said that currently around 50 lakh people in the country are facing a very serious situation of food shortage.

Of these, around 1.6 million people are defined as facing emergency food insecurity, WFP country director Jean-Martin Buer said while addressing journalists at the New York headquarters via video link.

He said, “This is a record high number so far. This is the largest number of people facing this level of food insecurity since the year 2010.”

Full Meals for Displaced People

This press address by Jean Martin Buer came on a day when, just a short while ago, WFP and F.A.A.O. Various UN agencies, including the UN, released their latest report on the places facing the most severe food shortages across the world. These include Gaza, Sudan and Haiti.

Jean-Martin Buer held this press conference from a WFP-run community kitchen in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, that provides fresh food to people displaced by gang violence, persistent insecurity and human rights violations that have rocked the country in recent years.

The United Nations Security Council has approved the deployment of a Multinational Security Support Mission to support the Haitian National Police, although the mission is currently in a preparation stage for deployment.

The World Food Programme (WFP) in Haiti is trying to help people displaced by gang violence and suffering from food shortages.

Airport Shut Down

The situation in the Caribbean country worsened in early March this year when criminal gangs tightened their grip on the capital, launching coordinated attacks on police stations and other important government institutions, and breaking into prisons, releasing thousands of prisoners.

Air flights were halted and Prime Minister Ariel Henry resigned.

Responding to questions from journalists, Jean Martin Buer said that security is “absolutely the first priority” at this time because the violence has posed a great danger to the people. People in the country cannot take their children to school, cannot go shopping for themselves, and cannot even go to church for prayers.

Jean Martin Buer, International Migration Agency – IOM Citing data from the UN, he said gang violence in Haiti has displaced nearly 360,000 people from their homes. In March alone, more than 100,000 people moved out of the capital.

Jean-Martin Buer urged the international community to speed up efforts to help Haiti as only 22 percent of the $674 million aid appeal launched in February has been received to help the country.

WFP also needs $76 million to run life-saving assistance programs for people in the country.

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