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Hrithik Roshan on 20 Years of ‘Lakshya’: Karan Shergill Was Me… It Just Came Naturally’

A poster for 'Lakshya'

A poster for ‘Lakshya’

Actor Hrithik Roshan got nostalgic as his film ‘Lakshya’ is all set to be re-released in theatres. Marking 20 years of the film, he shared a video to reflect on his transformative experience portraying Karan Shergill. Taking to their official Instagram handle, the makers shared a video of Hrithik Roshan recounting his unforgettable experience. “Here’s to Friends, Film making, Fun & in a blink it’s #20yearsOfLakshya. Back in theatres, 21st June onwards,” they captioned the post

Hrithik recalled his character Karan Shergill and reflected on his collaboration with Farhan Akhtar and his approach as a director that allowed him to transcend traditional boundaries of performance. In the video, “I am here to talk about Lakshya. 20 years ago, this film that we had done. I was really young. I was hardly an actor. And Farhan was a friend, who has suddenly become this incredible mind. I saw his first film. I was like, ‘How has this person made this film? How? Where did he get the courage or the knowledge or the information?”

He continued, “And he had written this beautiful, beautiful script and more than the story, more than the big cause it was the character of Karan Shergill that was me. I don’t know what made Farhan cast me. Perhaps, the director’s mind could see through and understand a person’s countenance and know that this human has been through certain things that are going to make him the perfect cast for this film.”

Talking about how he related with his character Karan Shergill and this incredible journey, Hrithik stated, “I genuinely do feel at that particular point of time, I, definitely hands down, was the perfect human, not the actor, but the perfect human to be cast, in this film Lakshya. Because I have been through all those experiences in very, very similar ways. Karan Shergill was me. I did not need to do much. The naivety, the spontaneity, the anger, being on that cusp of maturity, learning the ways, being completely confused and dumbfounded as to what I am going to do in my life, not having any avenues that looked hopeful. I went through that crossroad so greatly and so intensely in my life that it just came naturally to me. Karan Shergill was the joy to enact to perform and to be.”

As soon as the video was shared, fans and industry members chimed in in the comments section. Farhan Akhtar wrote, “Hrithikkkk.. you embodied Karan Shergill .. all of him.. his flaws, his strength, his insecurities, his confidence, his ego and his vulnerability. You are right. You were him and he was you. Congratulations on 20. Big big hug.”

the story of Lakshya revolves around Karan Shergill (essayed by Hrithik) who has no goals for his future and gets guided by his girlfriend, journalist Romila Dutta (essayed by Preity Zinta). Later, Karan joins the Indian army and becomes a focused, disciplined officer cadet and is eventually commissioned into the Indian Army.x

Directed by Farhan Akhtar, the film also starred Amitabh Bachchan, Boman Irani, Preity Zinta and late Om Puri in pivotal roles. The film was released on June 18, 2004.

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