Las Vegas Family Witnessing Aliens 2023

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Welcome to another fascinating episode of “Unexplained Encounters”. In today’s segment, we delve into the awe-inspiring story of the “Las Vegas Family Witnessing Aliens.” Prepare to be captivated as we unearth the spine-tingling account of a family in Las Vegas who found themselves in a paranormal and supernatural experience.

A family living in Las Vegas has claimed that an unidentified object crashed into their backyard, prompting them to contact emergency services due to the presence of “non-human” entities. Interestingly, many people became witnesses of this incident.

On April 30, at approximately 11:50 p.m., a police officer’s body camera captured an object streaking in the sky at low altitude. Reports from various sources, including the American Meteor Society, confirmed that people in eastern California, Nevada, and Utah saw the event. Sources close to the investigation revealed that it is possible that an object may have actually crashed in the yard. However, the exact nature of the object remains unclear even after more than a month has passed.

Las Vegas Family Witnessing Aliens

Aerial footage from a drone showed a circular mark on the ground. Roughly 40 minutes later, a man contacted emergency services describing the sighting of an object descending from the sky and the presence of two mobile entities in his backyard, located in a northwest valley.

Caller: There’s an unusually tall figure next to it, and another inside our house. It has big eyes and it is staring at us. It’s still there,” the caller informed the dispatcher.

Dispatcher: OK, where is this happening on your property?

CALLER: In my backyard. I swear to god, this is not a joke. We are really scared.

Dispatcher: So, you have two people, two subjects in your backyard?

Caller: That’s right, and they’re huge. They appear to be about 8 to 10 feet tall. They resemble aliens with big eyes and big mouths. It’s hard to explain, but their eyes are bright, and they are definitely not human.

Dispatcher: ok.

Metro police call logs obtained by 8 News Now investigators show that several other family members confirmed sightings with police.

The dispatcher sent two officers to the residence to investigate the situation. 8 News Now investigators obtained body camera footage from both officers.

“I’m so nervous right now,” said one officer, preparing to go home. “I’m getting butterflies. We saw a shooting star, and now these people claim they have aliens in their backyard.”

Officers arrived at the home about half an hour after calling 911.

“What did you see?” an officer asked a witness.

“It was like a giant creature,” replied one witness.

“A giant creature?” The officer clarified.

“Yeah, over 10 feet tall,” confirmed the witness.

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The officer revealed, “I won’t lie to you guys. One of my colleagues even saw something falling from the sky.” “That’s why I’m curious. Did you see anything landing in your backyard?”

The video shows an officer entering the backyard to investigate further, but the body camera footage has been edited by the Metro Police citing privacy laws.

An eyewitness told police, “I don’t believe it, but based on what I just saw, I’m starting to believe it.”

“You all seem really scared, so I don’t blame you,” an officer sympathized.

Around the same time, another witness informed police that he had seen an SUV repeatedly circling the area. While one officer checked the backyard, another officer spoke to the neighbors.

“This may sound like a silly question, but have any of you seen anything fall from the sky?” An officer questioned a passenger in a passing car. “Normally, I would dismiss this as unlikely, but given that a colleague of mine also claimed to have seen it, I am investigating further.”

Till Wednesday, no definite answer was found in the Metro Police investigation. Although initially open for several days, the case has since been closed by the department. The family said that officials visited the house several times to investigate.

“Hey, if those 9-foot creatures come back, please refrain from approaching us, okay?” An officer commented while driving away from home and returning to the cruiser.

Representatives from nearby Creech and Nellis Air Force Bases denied any involvement in the incident and suggested contacting the Metro Police.

A Pentagon spokesman did not immediately respond to inquiries regarding the incident.

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