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Lord Krishna’s Heart Still Beats 2024


When Lord Krishna left the body, he was cremated, his whole body was mixed in five elements, but his heart was beating like a normal living man and he was absolutely safe, Lord Krishna’s Heart is safe till date, which Very few people know that Lord Jagannath lives inside the wooden idol and beats in the same way!

The Great Secret of Mahaprabhu
Cleaning is done with a golden broom….!!

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Mahaprabhu Jagannath (Shri Krishna) is also called the Lord of Kali Yuga, Jagannath Swami resides in Puri (Orissa) with his sister Subhadra and brother Balram, but the secret is such that no one has been able to know till date…!!

Every 12 years the idol of Mahaprabhu is replaced, at that time blackout is done in the whole city of Puri, that is, the lights of the whole city are switched off, after the light is switched off, the army of CRPF surrounds the temple premises from all sides. At that time no one can go to the temple…!!

It is pitch dark inside the temple…the priest is blindfolded…the priest has gloves in his hand…he takes out the “Brahma material” from the old idol and puts it in the new idol… Till date no one knows what is this Brahma substance…no one has seen it till date. ..for thousands of years, it is being transferred from one idol to another….!

Lord Krishna’s Heart

Lord Krishna's Heart Still Beats 2023



This is a supernatural substance, just by touching it, the rags of a human body fly away… This Brahma substance is related to Lord Shri Krishna… But what is it, no one knows, Lord Jagannath and other idols were changed in the same year. They go when the two months of Asadha come in a year. This opportunity has come after 19 years, by the way sometimes it happens in 14 years also, this opportunity is called Nav-Calever….!!

But till date, no priest has been able to tell what is there in the idol of Mahaprabhu Jagannath???

Some priests say that when we took him in our hands, he was jumping like a rabbit… he was blindfolded… we had gloves in our hands, so we could only feel…!

Even today, every year on the occasion of Jagannath Yatra, the king of Puri himself comes to sweep with a golden broom…!

The sound of sea waves is not heard inside the Lord Jagannath Temple as soon as you take the first step inside the Sinhdwar, whereas the surprising thing is that as soon as you take a step outside the temple, the sound of the sea will be heard.. .!

You must have seen birds sitting and flying on the top of most of the temples, but no bird passes over the Jagannath temple, the flag always waves in the opposite direction of the wind, at any time of the day the shadow of the main peak of Lord Jagannath temple is not formed!

The flag on the 45-storey spire of Lord Jagannath Temple is changed daily, it is believed that if the flag is not changed even for a single day, the temple will be closed for 18 years!

Similarly, there is also a Sudarshan Chakra on the top of the Lord Jagannath Temple, which looks at you from every direction!

In the kitchen of Lord Jagannath temple, 7 earthen pots are kept on top of each other to cook Prasad, which is cooked on a wood fire only, during this time the dish of the topmost pot is cooked first.

The Prasad made every day in Lord Jagannath Temple is never less for the devotees, but the surprising thing is that as soon as the doors of the temple are closed, the Prasad also ends and there are so many amazing things, our Of Sanatan Dharma.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lord Krishna’s heart now?

According to Hindu mythology and tradition, the heart of Lord Krishna is believed to reside in Puri, Odisha, within the Jagannath Temple. It is said that Lord Krishna’s heart was preserved and placed in the deity of Lord Jagannath after his demise. This belief is part of the sacred lore surrounding the Jagannath Temple and the annual Rath Yatra festival.

Where is Krishna’s flute now?

There are no historical or physical records of the actual flute that Lord Krishna played, as described in Hindu scriptures. The flute is considered a divine symbol of Krishna’s charm and the enchanting power of his music, often depicted in religious art and iconography. It is a part of his legend and is cherished as a spiritual symbol rather than a physical artifact.

Where is Lord Krishna’s body?

According to Hindu belief, Lord Krishna left his mortal body after being shot by a hunter named Jara in the forest of Prabhas near Dwarka. It is said that his body was then cremated, and his spirit ascended to his divine abode. There are no remains of Lord Krishna’s body as it is believed that he departed from the physical world in a supernatural manner. The site of his departure is considered sacred and is marked by the Bhalka Tirtha in Gujarat.


Hail to Sanatan Dharma
Radhe Radhe Shri Harivansh Govinda 🚩

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