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Misbehaved with the principal of Prayagraj Bishop Johnson Inter College, video goes viral

Trending Videos: A shocking incident has come to light from Bishop Johnson Girls Inter College, Prayagraj. Where the chairman and principal of the college are seen misbehaving with each other. The matter has escalated after the video of the incident went viral. The former principal of the school has accused the school chairman Bishop Morris Edgar and others of threatening, robbery and misbehavior. The Colonelganj police station has taken cognizance of the matter.

thrown out along with the chair

After the matter went viral on social media, it can be seen in the video that many people including the school’s chairman forcefully entered the female principal’s office and misbehaved with the female principal Parul Solomon. Parul accused Morris Edgar and others who came with him of indecency and threat, for which Parul lodged a complaint at Colonelganj police station. Parul told that on Tuesday morning she was sitting and working in her office. Then the ruckus started at the office gate. The video of the incident that took place at the office was captured in the CCTV camera installed there.

In the CCTV footage, it can be seen that Alan Das, Morris Dan along with Vinita Isuvius, Sanjeet Pal, Vishal Novel Singh, RK Singh, Arun Moses, Tanu Vyas, Abhishek Vyas and others threw the principal of Bip Johnson Inter College out of the office along with her chair.

accused of usurping position illegally

On behalf of the other side of the case, Bishop Morris Edgar Dan said that Peter Baldev had illegally appointed his daughter Parul as the principal of the college, whom we have dismissed. Parul was forcibly occupying the post of principal and was misusing the funds of the college.

new principal appointed

It is alleged that even after locking the office, some people broke the lock and entered the office and misbehaved by snatching mobile phones, purses, lockets. Sherlyn Masih has been made the principal of the college in place of Parul.

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