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Noida Under Construction Building 4 BHK Flat Price is 15 Crore Video Goes Viral on Social Media

Buying your own house is a dream for everyone. But if you want to buy a 4 BHK house in cities like Delhi and Noida, then the price of the dream is very high. Generally, the property prices in Delhi and Noida are very high. But still people buy a house by taking a loan or by collecting money. But you will be surprised to know the price of flats in an under-construction building in Noida and perhaps you will give up the dream of buying a house in Delhi and Noida.

These days a video is going viral on social media. In which a person goes to see a society for himself. The person goes to see a flat in an under construction building. But when he hears the price of the flat there, he is shocked. The person has made a video about the price of the flat which is now becoming quite viral on social media.

4 BHK for 15 Crores

In this viral video, a man is seen standing in front of an under construction building. In the video, the man says, “Hello friends, I came to see a society in Noida. I saw a 4 BHK, guess how much it would cost.” After this, he tells the price of the flat as 15 crores and the price of 6 BHK as 25 crores. After this, he says, “I was forced to think who are buying these 4 BHKs.”

After all, what would he be doing in his life.’ After this, he says, ‘Today I thought, no matter how many jobs I switch, no matter how much trading or investing I do, will I ever be able to buy my own house in my entire life? I was feeling a little bad thinking this.’ After this, he says, ‘I thought I should share this with you people too, maybe you people are also facing the same problem.’ This video of Shakhya is becoming very viral.

People are Having Fun

This viral video has been shared on Instagram from an account named @wittyengineer_. More than 1.7 lakh people have liked this video. Many comments are also coming from people on this. One user commented, ‘Those people…neither make videos like you, nor watch videos like mine.’ Another user wrote, ‘Brother, it was fine if you were upset, but now you have forced us to get upset too.’ Another user wrote, ‘Brother, why do you get upset alone, why do you involve us.’

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