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OnePlus Nord CE 4 Lite 5G to Get Old Processor Report Suggests Snapdragon 695

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has confirmed that it will launch the OnePlus Nord CE 4 Lite 5G smartphone in India on June 24. Launch The upcoming OnePlus One has been the talk of the town with leaks and rumours so far as the brand has confirmed that it will feature a 50-megapixel Sony LYT-600 primary camera, which will be a big improvement over its current camera hardware.Now tipster Paras Guglani has shared some information on the X. According to the spec sheet shared on the X, AccordingNord CE 4 Lite 5G will be launched with Snapdragon 695 processor. Let us tell you that Snapdragon 695 is a 6-nanometer based processor which was launched in October 2021. This processor has been a workhorse for the past few years, which is seen on many budget-midrange 5G smartphones including Nord CE 3 Lite 5G.

By the way, the OnePlus Nord CE 4 Lite 5G will be a rebrand of the Oppo K12x, which uses the same processor. The brand’s decision to opt for this older processor instead of something like the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 could be a cost-cutting move, which is still around the affordable sub-20K range. It even comes with upgrades like the new Sony LYT-600 primary camera. It will have a 6.67-inch AMOLED display with an FHD+ resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, and 2100 nits of peak brightness. The brand is planning to replace the side-mounted fingerprint sensor with an in-display sensor.

OnePlus has also confirmed the battery to be increased from 5,000mAh to 5,500mAh. Fast charging can also be expected to be upgraded from 67W to 80W as the Oppo K12x has 80W fast charging. All these features together make the upcoming Nord CE 4 Lite 5G an impressive smartphone even with the older processor. However, it remains to be seen how Sony’s new LYT-600 sensor performs when combined with the older Snapdragon 695.

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