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Pakistan alleged singer Chahat Fateh Ali Khan lost his breath after Tiger appeared in front of him | Video: Tiger got angry after seeing Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, people said

Trending Videos: Many people become famous overnight on social media. Some people become famous because of their talent, while some people’s funny videos go viral. These days Pakistani singer Chahat Fateh Ali Khan is in the news on Instagram. Videos of the songs sung by him are going viral on social media.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan is quite famous

Talking about Chahat, he is a Pakistani singer. He performs in shows, events, functions there. Chahat’s Instagram account is also verified. His Insta bio reads Musician/Band. Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Director. Chahat is also very active on social media. He also makes a lot of reels videos.

Chahat looks like a wet cat in front of Tiger

These days, another video of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan is going viral in which he is not seen singing, but sitting in a room and silently apologizing for annoying people with his songs. This is because in the room where Chahat is sitting, there is a tiger with him. Seeing him, Chahat’s facial expressions change and he shrinks in fear.

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The relief of desire is gone

Actually, the person in whose house Chahat is sitting keeps a lion and a tiger as pets. Chahat had come to this person’s house as a guest. As soon as the tiger was brought in front of Chahat, the tiger remembered Chahat’s song Badobadi and started turning towards Chahat. Seeing the tiger turning towards her, Chahat’s relief vanished and her facial expressions changed. For a moment, Chahat’s heart jumped into her mouth, which can be clearly seen in the video.

the bad luck has gone out

This video shared from an ex-account named @rakabishnoi98 has been viewed more than 3 lakh 19 thousand times so far, while users are enjoying Chahat a lot on the video. One user wrote…Arre bhai Chahat’s badobadi has come out in one go. Another user wrote…Looks like Tiger has heard the song Badobadi. While another user wrote…Tiger has come to take revenge of all those whom this person has cheated with his songs. Let us tell you that Chahat Fateh Ali Khan came into the limelight by singing the tuneless song Badobadi.

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