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PM Narendra Modi’s Speech in Lok Sabha, India Alliance Oppose and PM Offer Water to Congress MP Watch Viral Video

PM Narendra Modi’s Speech in Lok Sabha: There was a lot of uproar in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday (July 2, 2024). While Prime Minister Narendra Modi was responding to the discussion on the motion of thanks on the President’s address, MPs of opposition parties raised a lot of slogans. PM Modi spoke for about 2 hours and during this time the sloganeering of opposition MPs also continued.

However, an interesting scene was also seen during this time, which is becoming quite viral on social media. Actually, some opposition leaders in the House were also raising slogans in the well. Meanwhile, the PM extended a glass of water towards the MPs who were raising slogans in the well. The PM first gave a glass of water to Congress MP Manikam Tagore, but he refused to take it. After this, PM Modi extended a glass of water to another MP Hibi Eden and he drank it. Hibi Eden is a Congress MP from Ernakulam seat of Kerala.

PM is Being Praised a Lot on Social Media

This video is being widely shared on social media by BJP leaders and its supporters. The video is being given different captions. Some people are praising PM Modi’s behavior by calling him like a king, while some are calling him a boss.

PM Modi Took a Dig at Congress

PM Narendra Modi took a dig at Congress several times during his speech. He also accused Congress of lying. PM ​​said that Congress stops the progress of the country. PM said that as India is progressing, naturally competition is also increasing and challenges are also increasing. Those who have a problem with India’s progress, those who see India’s progress as a challenge, are also adopting wrong tactics. These forces are attacking India’s democracy, demography and diversity.

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