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Release Minor in Porsche Car Accident Immediately, HC Orders

Pune: The high court has given a big relief to the minor accused in the Kalyaninagar Porsche car accident case (Pune Porsche Accident). It is illegal for the Pune Police to re-detain him after bail and the Bombay High Court has directed him to be immediately released from the custody of the juvenile detention center. The habeas corpus petition filed by the child’s mother, Pooja Jain, has been accepted by the High Court. A direction has been issued to hand over the child to the present custody. A bench of Justice Bharti Dangre and Justice Manjusha Deshpande gave the decision.

On May 19, two people died on the spot after being crushed under a speeding Porsche car at Kalyani Nagar Chowk in Pune. In this case, the father of the minor who was driving the car had filed a habeas corpus petition in the High Court for his nephew. The petition alleged that the Pune police had wrongly detained the child even after getting bail. The habeas corpus petition filed by the child’s mother, Pooja Jain, has been accepted by the High Court. The minor child will be handed over to his father. The boy’s mother, father and grandfather are currently in police custody. So the child will be taken into custody now.

What did the lawyer say? (Porsche Car Advocate Reaction)

The order states that the orders of the Child Rights Court dated May 22, 2024, June 5, 2024 and June 12, 2024, in which the child in conflict with the law was detained, are invalid. Therefore, those orders are cancelled. Therefore, the child in legal conflict has to be released immediately, his custody will be given to him now. In the orders that have come now, nothing has been said about the police.

What did Sushma Andhare say after the court decision? (Sushma Andhare On Porsche Car Accident)

Bail is granted by the court and is a judicial process. But how many errors have been placed in the documents submitted by the court to grant bail is a matter of real research. It is necessary to study all these things, what is their response by the investigating officers, how much evidence was brought to the fore and how much was suppressed. Therefore, the Court pronounces on the basis of what comes before the Court, but it is equally true that the documents are undeniably flawed before they come before the Court. In such cases, the roles of public prosecutor and investigating officer are very important. Based on the evidence that comes to light, the court records its opinion. Sushma Andhare said that what you have presented in front of the court, if there is all the confusion, then speaking becomes difficult.

Why petition now?

Even after bail was granted by the court, ‘that’ boy was arrested. Here, the court has ordered the arrest, going beyond the limits of the law. The boy is 17 years and 8 months, so there is no doubt that he is a minor. He is currently kept in a juvenile detention center. The child is not well taken care of there and his life is in danger. There are many complaints about the Children’s Reformatory. The child’s parents, grandparents are all currently in custody. There is no one to complain in this matter, so this petition has been filed on behalf of the present.

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