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Satire: Afghanistan Has Not Lost Yet, Semi-Final Will be Held Again With South Africa on Reserve Day

In the first semi-final of the T20 World Cup, Afghanistan’s team was all out for just 56 runs against South Africa and South Africa, with the tag of chokers, made it to the finals without any trouble. However, now there is a big twist in the story. If we believe the junk report of Fun Zone, then preparations are being made to give Afghanistan another chance. The World Cup organizers have also agreed to this. Their argument is such that you will not believe it even if you see it with your ears and eyes. Let us explain the whole matter to you in a whisper. I have just one request to you that do not let this news leak, otherwise you will be the one who will be troubled, what will we…

Afghanistan Was Playing in the Party Mood

After losing to India by 47 runs in the Super-8 round, the entire Afghanistan team had consumed several cans of energy drinks. After this, they repeated the slogan Darr ke Aage Jeet Hai several times before playing their next match and defeated Australia. When it was Bangladesh’s turn, the poor Afghans were reduced to just 115 runs due to the hangover of energy drinks while batting. Thanks to the Bangladeshis. They had clearly said that when we have lost two matches in the Super-8, what will we achieve even if we win the third one. After this, the Afghanistan players partied hard with energy drinks once again. It is also being said that the captain alone consumed two cans. The entire team was still in party mode when the semi-final match was played and the batsmen did not even see the ball.

The Confusion Happened Due to Reserve Day

Fun Zone’s informed sources said that the World Cup organizers have agreed to hold the match again because the Afghanistan players have convinced them completely. Afghan players say that every news was saying that it was a reserve day for the semi-finals. So they thought that first there would be a practice match. After that the real match would be played on the reserve day, for the preparation of which they had ordered 100-150 packets of full cream milk. This was the reason that no batsman hit the ball intentionally. Those poor guys were making the African bowlers practice for a good purpose.

The Honour of the tag of Chokers will be Maintained

Be it the 50-over World Cup or the T20 World Cup, South Africa has been knocked out of the tournament every time after showing a great performance. In knockout matches, this team gets knocked out as if the tea kept in the dressing room is getting cold and every player is in a hurry to drink it. However, this time in the semi-final of the T20 World Cup, South Africa dashed everyone’s hopes and bowled out Afghanistan for 56 runs, but the South African players themselves are surprised by this performance. They say that we are chokers. We had come to get choked in the first semi-final as well. We were not bowling well at all. Now what can we do if the Afghanistan batsmen do not even bat.

African Fans are Happy While Afghan Fans are Upset

It is worth noting that the World Cup organizers have completely rejected this argument of the African players. The organizers first used the dialogue of Ramadhir Singh from Gangs of Wasseypur that son, you will not be able to do it. After this, they said that if you are chokers then choke. Go and play the semi-final match again. South African fans are happy with this decision of the World Cup organizers. They say that we have not even made preparations for the trophy. They do not even have firecrackers and now the people of Sivakasi have refused to take orders. The firecracker association says that they will not be able to send the orders so soon. On the other hand, Afghanistan fans are very upset with the news of the match being held again. They are saying that according to the time zone, they have to wake up early in the morning to watch Afghanistan’s match, due to which the whole day’s routine gets disturbed. If the semi-final match is replayed, then one more day will be wasted.

Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional. Its purpose is not to hurt anyone. It has been written only for fun and entertainment. 

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