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Supreme Court Underlines Homemakers Rights Justice BV Nagarathna Augustine George Masi

SC on Homemakers Rights: The Supreme Court has given a big order regarding the rights of housewives. SC said that they work for the good of the family without expecting anything in return. In such a situation, an Indian married man should keep in mind that he needs to empower his wife financially because she has no source of income.

The Supreme Court made this remark while hearing a petition filed by a Muslim man against the order to give interim maintenance to his divorced wife under Section 125 CrPC. Rejecting the man’s petition, the Supreme Court said that the law of seeking maintenance applies to all women. Irrespective of their religion. The Supreme Court said in its order that after divorce, a Muslim woman has the right to maintenance from her husband. This comes under Section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The Supreme Court also clarified that this is a fundamental right of married women.

‘There is no independent source of income’

The Supreme Court said, “We believe that a married Indian man should be aware that he has to empower his wife financially and take care of her. His wife has no independent source of income. That is why it is necessary to provide financial resources for her personal needs.”

‘Housewife will be in a more secure position’

The court said, ‘With financial empowerment, the housewife will be in a more secure position in the family.’ The bench further said, ‘Indian married men are aware of this and should provide financial resources to their spouses for personal expenses in addition to household expenses, possibly by opening a joint bank account or through an ATM card.

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