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Tragic Accident in Gwalior, MP, 3 People of the Same Family Died Due to Fire in the House

Three members of a family died in a massive fire in a house in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday (19 June). The deceased include a man and his two daughters. The fire incident is said to have occurred around 2 o’clock late night in the street in front of Sant Kripal Singh’s ashram in Bahodapur area.

Vijay Gupta, who lives here, has a dry fruit business and he has a dry fruit warehouse downstairs in his house, while they lived on the upper floor of the same building. It is being told that a huge fire suddenly broke out in Vijay Gupta’s house between 1.30 and 2 am on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday. Since it was late night, everyone was asleep. By the time people woke up after the accident, the flames of fire had engulfed the entire house.

Three People Died Tragically
The people around tried to extinguish the fire first, but due to the dry fruits, the fire spread very fast. After this, the fire brigade was called, by the time the fire brigade team controlled the fire, two people had died, one was breathing lightly. He was later declared dead by the doctor. Gwalior Municipal Corporation Fire Officer Atibal Singh Yadav said that we received information about the fire at three o’clock in the night.

When the fire brigade reached there, it was found that the fire was quite big. Also, due to the narrowness of the street, there was a problem in supplying water. At present, the fire was brought under control within half an hour. Three people were rescued and taken out, out of which two people had died, while a girl was still breathing. She was immediately sent to the hospital, but the doctors declared her dead in the hospital.

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