TriMet Warns of Significant Delays for MAX Lines as Winter Weather Hits Portland

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The TriMet transportation agency has issued a warning about significant delays to MAX light rail service as winter weather continues to sweep through Portland, Oregon.

According to TriMet officials, the recent snowfall has caused multiple issues for the MAX lines, including power outages, signal problems, and difficulties with switching tracks. As a result, commuters should expect longer wait times and slower service than usual.

In addition to the MAX issues, TriMet has also reported delays and detours on several bus lines due to road conditions and safety concerns. The agency is urging riders to check its website and social media accounts for the latest updates and advisories.

The winter weather has also prompted school closures and flight cancellations in the Portland area, as heavy snow and ice have made travel difficult and dangerous. Officials are urging residents to stay off the roads if possible, and to use caution when walking or driving in slippery conditions.

While the snow and ice can be beautiful to look at, they can also cause significant disruptions to daily life. It’s important for individuals and communities to stay informed and prepared during severe weather events, and to take necessary precautions to stay safe and warm.

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