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victim families demand Surajpal alias Narayan Sakar Hari arrest Hathras stampede Yogi Government UP Police | Now the demand for arrest of Bhole Baba has arisen, the family members of Hathras stampede victims said

Hathras Stampede: 121 people died in a stampede during a satsang in Hathras on July 2, while a large number of people were injured. Surajpal alias Narayan Sakar Hari is absconding since this accident.

After this incident, on Saturday, Surajpal alias Narayan Sakar Hari came in front of the media and issued a message saying that he was hurt by the stampede incident in Hathras. After this incident, people are angry with Surajpal alias Narayan Sakar Hari.

The relatives of the victims raised this demand

The victim’s family member, Hardesh Kumar, said, ‘Baba should have come in front of the people earlier. Where was he hiding for four days? If he is the master of the entire universe, he should have come in front. Everyone from the Prime Minister to everyone is coming, then what was his problem? He is resting at his Mainpuri residence. He should have asked about the well-being of the people on the same day when so many people lost their lives.’ He further said, ‘Why is he roaming around hiding? We don’t trust him anymore. He should be arrested.’

Another victim’s relative Chandrapal Singh said that Baba has come forward due to police pressure. He said, ‘All satsangs should be stopped. This is hypocrisy, the public is being deceived. All sinful people should be sent to jail.’

Vipin Kumar, another member of the victims’ family, said, “Why was no FIR registered against Baba? Baba is guilty for the stampede. If he was not guilty, he would not have gone underground like this. We want the government to register an FIR against Baba as soon as possible. Apart from this, Baba should be arrested as soon as possible.”

Organiser Dev Prakash Madhukar was arrested

The police have arrested the main accused and the organizer of the program, Dev Prakash Madhukar, and two other accused. In the case of the stampede incident in Hathras, Hathras SP Nipun Agarwal said, ‘The main accused and the organizer of the program, Dev Prakash Madhukar, and two other accused have been arrested. Earlier, 6 accused had already been arrested. During interrogation, it was also revealed that some time ago, they were contacted by some political parties. A thorough investigation is being conducted regarding fund collection to see if their resources are being funded by any political party for any kind of program. From the interrogation so far, it seems that some political party is associating with them for its political and personal interests.’

The video was released

Earlier, while talking to the media on the Hathras stampede incident, Surajpal alias ‘Bhole Baba’ had said, ‘We are very distressed after the incident of July 2. May God give us the strength to overcome this moment of grief. Everyone should keep faith in the government and administration. We are confident that whoever is a rioter will not be spared. I have requested the committee members through my lawyer A.P. Singh to stand with the bereaved families and the injured and help them throughout their lives.’

Watch: New video of Hathras incident surfaced, Baba’s women brigade seen

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