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Viral Video Girl Romancing in the Middle of the Sea Was Swept Away by the Waves of the Sea

Trending Videos: It is said that water is cold fire, and once someone gets caught in it, it becomes almost impossible for him to escape. Even if you know how to swim, you will not be able to do anything in front of the fury of water. One such video is going viral on social media in which a couple is seen romancing amidst the waves of the sea. Everything goes well for a while, but after a while a strong gust of sea wave comes and takes away the girlfriend with it in front of the boyfriend. Once the girl gets caught in the waves, she disappears as if she never existed. The incident is from Russia.

A Wave Swept Away in One Stroke

Actually, in a video going viral on social media, it can be seen how a sea wave catches a girl and kills her. However, the search for the girl is still on. The incident is from Sochi, Russia, where a couple is busy romancing each other in the sea waves, they do not know that where they are standing, nothing but death comes, and this is what happened, death came but in the form of waves. While romancing, the couple was suddenly attacked by the sea waves and in no time the waves swept the girl away with them. In such a situation, the boy regained his balance and tried to save the girl by holding her but no one was going to be able to stand before the waves. The incident is of Sunday, June 16. The search for the girl is still on for the last three days.

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Reactions from users

The video has been shared from an ex account named @CollinRugg. Which has been viewed more than 10.8 million times so far and has been liked more than 11 thousand times. Users are giving their reactions on the video. One user wrote… No matter how great a warrior you are, never take water lightly. Another user wrote… When waves come, even good swimmers get fooled, so those who do not know how to swim have no chance. While another user wrote… If this couple loved each other, they would never have come to such a place.

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