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Who Will Form Government in UP Election if Vote Today BJP NDA INDIA Alliance Samajwadi Party Congress

UP Election Prediction: In the Lok Sabha elections, India Alliance has got tremendous success in Uttar Pradesh. India Alliance won 43 out of 80 Lok Sabha seats in UP, while BJP was reduced to only 33 seats. This is the reason why the morale of India Alliance is very high regarding UP. Congress and Samajwadi Party, which are part of India Alliance, fought the elections together and they got the benefit of this in the election results.

However, now the question is arising that if the results of the Lok Sabha elections in UP are converted into assembly elections, then who will be ahead. If elections are held in UP now, then which party’s government is seen to be formed. Although the assembly elections in UP are to be held in 2027, but the leaders are already engaged in the field to strengthen the political ground. Let us know whose government can be formed if elections are held in UP now.

If elections are held now, who will win?

In fact, the data of Lok Sabha election results has been used to know about the winning alliance if the elections are held now. In simple language, which party has been ahead in the assembly seats of each Lok Sabha constituency. For example, if BJP has won in Varanasi, then which party has been ahead in the assembly seats of this region. On this basis, data has been collected for the elections through UP Tak, which is telling that if elections are held now, then whose government can be formed.

If the results of the Lok Sabha elections are converted into assembly elections, the All India Alliance of Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi’s party can win 224 seats. Samajwadi Party seems to be getting the biggest lead. The NDA alliance led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s party BJP can get 174 seats. It is worth noting here that Azad Samaj Party can also win five seats, which are in Nagina Lok Sabha constituency.

Chandrashekhar Azad has won the Nagina Lok Sabha seat. The surprising thing is that BSP does not seem to be getting even a single seat. There are 403 assembly seats in UP, in which 202 seats are needed for majority. In such a situation, if elections are held now, the All India Alliance will easily cross the majority mark.

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