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Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 price 1899 yuan with AI 3D face recognition launched specifications detail

Xiaomi has launched its new smart door lock Smart Door Lock 2 which is equipped with 3D Face Recognition feature. The company has also provided AI support in it, which makes it even smarter. It has a noise reduction automatic mechanism. The special thing is that the door lock has been designed keeping in mind people of all ages. Be it children, it also works for those who cannot reach great heights. Let’s know about its price and specifications.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 price

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock The company launched 2 in China (via) has been done. Its price starts at 1899 yuan (about Rs 21,700). The door lock is available for pre-order in China.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 Specifications

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 has a face recognition system with 3D structured light. It uses invisible light to capture face details. The unlocking system is completely automatic and does not require the use of hands. Also, there is no need for any password. Safety has been taken care of in the smart lock and it cannot be opened even using photos or videos. That is, it is not possible to open the smart lock unauthorizedly.

It has AI smart cat eye with the help of which door monitoring can be done from a distance. It has a 2.3 megapixel high definition camera with 160 degree viewing angle. The door is also very useful for low-light as it has micro light full color night vision support. It can be used in many ways for unlocking options. Fingerprint, Bluetooth, emergency key, NFC card, Xiaomi phone, Xiaomi watch, Xiaomi bracelet, password etc. can also be used in it. Along with the primary locking option, the user also gets backup options.

It has an automatic lock body. That is, it locks automatically after the door is closed. There is no need to lock it separately. It has dual protocol Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. With the help of the Mi Home app, the user can also receive door lock notifications, and can also manage its settings while sitting far away.

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