China Poverty – No Poor People in China 2023?

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China is ashamed of ‘poverty’! A cover-up by the government begins, banning videos showing ‘this’ poverty

China Poverty

China calls itself a communist country; It also says that the goal is the prosperity of all. Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced a comprehensive fight against poverty by 2021. However, many citizens in China are still poor or below the poverty line.

China Censors Videos Showing China Poverty

The Chinese government is now censoring videos and discussions related to poverty and China only allowing positive content to be shared online. This censorship policy is a part of China’s broader efforts to regulate internet content. Any content that portrays poverty and financial struggles faced by Chinese citizens is being removed from the internet. Instead, only content that showcases a positive image of the country is being promoted. It is important to note that criticism or complaints from the public are not allowed in China, and disobedience can have severe consequences.

The Chinese government has expanded its efforts to regulate online content in the country by removing videos and discussions related to poverty and financial struggles faced by citizens on a daily basis. In a recent report by The New York Times, several instances of China’s deletion of poverty-related content have been observed. The People’s Republic of China (PRC), mandates censorship and discourages any criticism or complaints from the public. Any disobedience can have severe consequences.

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The news agency, Beijing: Due to restrictions and propaganda of the Chinese government, it is clear that the real picture of poverty in China is not being presented to the world. A video showing how much a month’s worth of groceries a retired woman in China can buy for 100 yuan ($14.50) has gone viral. However, it has come to light that the Chinese administration has deleted this video.

New York Times‘ has reported on this. A singer has channeled the restlessness of China’s youth. He has presented the difficult financial situation and the hidden job opportunities of the educated Chinese youth through the song. ‘I wash my face every day. But my pocket is cleaner than my face,’ are the sarcastic lyrics of the song. The Chinese administration has banned this song, and the singer’s social media accounts have also been closed, according to the New York Times.

Last year, a Chinese migrant worker witnessed the difficulties of running his family. After this worker was infected with Corona, he got sympathy from all over the world. Officials had released detailed information about the man. However, discussions about this worker were blocked on social media after that. Apart from this, local administration personnel were stationed outside his house to prevent journalists from visiting the worker’s wife.

Citizens worry about the future

As the economic future of the country is vibrant, the citizens of China are worried about the future. However, it has been seen that the topic of poverty is considered taboo, and because of this, the Chinese government is getting angry.

Which videos are banned?

Intentionally creating videos and social media posts that spread misery, polarization, tarnish the image of the ruling party and the government; Also, the cyberspace management in China announced in March that it will delete videos that hinder economic and social development. China has banned videos showing the distress of senior citizens, disabled people and children. The ‘New York Times’ has said that the government’s intention is to have only positive discussions about China on social media through this medium.

‘Kashmir issue should be resolved according to the United Nations resolution’

Islamabad: China has said that the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan should be resolved according to the United Nations resolution avoiding any unilateral action. Chinese Foreign Minister Chin Gang held talks with Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto on Saturday. The two countries then issued a joint statement. In it, China has given this intrusive advice.

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