Drone Spotted over PM Modi’s Residence: Delhi Police Takes Action 2023

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PM House News: On Monday morning, there was a commotion at the Delhi Police headquarters when suddenly the SPG (Special Protection Group) informed about a drone flying over the Prime Minister’s residence. Around 5 am, as soon as the information was received, police officers reached the scene and began searching for the drone with heavy force.

The drone has not been captured, and the police are currently investigating whose it was and how it managed to reach there. It should be noted that the area surrounding the Prime Minister’s residence is a no-flying zone. Therefore, the news of a drone flying has caused quite a stir.

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Speaking of the Prime Minister’s residence, there is a strict security arrangement in place. Entry is allowed through the Lok Kalyan Marg. After parking the vehicle, individuals are escorted to the reception for a security check. Entry is granted through Gates 7, 5, 3, and 1 on Lok Kalyan Marg. The Prime Minister’s security is so stringent that even if a family member visits, they must comply with the entire process.

Before entering the PM House, a list is prepared by the secretaries. Only those whose names are on the list are allowed inside. It is also mandatory for individuals entering to have identification documents.

A Drone Spotted over PM Modi's Residence 1

A Drone Spotted over PM Modi’s Residence

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bungalow is located in the Lutyens’ Zone on Lok Kalyan Marg, which falls under House Number 7. Since 2014, PM Modi has been residing here, and it is known as Panchvati because it is made by combining five bungalows. The first Prime Minister to reside in this bungalow was Rajiv Gandhi, who stayed here in 1984.

This bungalow, built on 12 acres of land, was constructed in 1980. In this compound, there are not just one but five separate bungalows divided into different sections. It includes the office, residence, security establishment, SPG compound, and guest house.

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