Dwarka City Drowned – Why When and How?

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Dwarka city drowns in the sea after 36 years of the Mahabharata war. Before Dwarka drowns in the sea, all the Yaduvanshis including Shri Krishna are also killed. Two incidents are mainly responsible for the death of all the Yaduvanshis and the merging of Dwarka into the ocean. One is the curse given by Mother Gandhari to Shri Krishna and the other is the curse given by sages to Shri Krishna’s son Samba.

After the end of the Mahabharata war, when Yudhishthira was being coronated, the mother of the Kauravas, Gandhari, blamed Shri Krishna for the Mahabharata war and cursed that the way the Kaurava dynasty was destroyed, in the same way the Yadu dynasty would also be destroyed.

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After the Mahabharata war, when the thirty-sixth year started, various bad omens started happening. One day Maharishi Vishwamitra, Kanva, Devarshi Narad etc. went to Dwarka. There some youths of the Yadav clan thought of making fun of him. They took Krishna’s son Samb to the sages in female form and said that this woman is pregnant. What will arise from its womb?

When the sages saw that these youths were insulting us, they got angry and cursed that- This son of Shri Krishna will produce an iron pestle to destroy the Vrishni and Andhakvanshi men, by which cruel and angry people like you will destroy all their enemies. You will kill the clan.

Only Shri Krishna and Balram would be saved from the effect of that pestle. When Shri Krishna learned about this, he said that this thing must be true. Due to the curse of sages, Samb produced pestle on the second day itself.

When King Ugrasen came to know about this, he stole that pestle and threw it in the sea. After this, King Ugrasen and Shri Krishna made an announcement in the city that from today no Vrishni and Andhakvanshi would prepare liquor in their house. Whoever prepares liquor secretly, will be punished with death. Hearing the announcement, the residents of Dwarka decided not to make liquor.

When Shri Krishna saw these bad omens happening in the city, he thought that the time has come for the curse of Gandhari, the mother of the Kauravas to come true. Seeing these bad omens and knowing the coincidence of Amavasya on the thirteenth day of the fortnight, Shri Krishna started thinking about the condition of Kaal. He saw that at this time the same yoga is being formed as was formed during the war of Mahabharata.

With the aim of making Gandhari’s curse come true, Shri Krishna ordered the Yaduvanshis to go on a pilgrimage. By the order of Shri Krishna, all the dynasties came to Prabhas Tirtha and resided on the seashore.

One day while living in Prabhas Tirtha, Andhak and Vrishni Vanshi were talking among themselves. That’s why Satyaki ridiculed and disrespected Kritavarma in a fit of rage. Kritavarma also said such words that Satyaki got angry and killed Kritavarma.

Seeing this, the Andhakvanshis surrounded Satyaki and attacked him. Seeing Satyaki alone, Krishna’s son Pradyumna ran to save him. Satyaki and Pradyumna fought the Andhakavanshis alone. But due to being more in number, they could not defeat the Andhakvanshis and in the end they were killed by them.

Enraged by the death of his son and Satyaki, Shri Krishna uprooted a handful of areca grass. As soon as it came in hand, that grass became like a fierce iron pestle like a thunderbolt. With that pestle, Shri Krishna started killing everyone. Whoever uprooted that grass would turn into a fierce pestle (this happened due to the curse of the sages). A single blow from those pestles used to take life. At that time, due to the effect of time, the heroes of the Andhak, Bhoj, Shini and Vrishni dynasty started killing each other with pestles. Yaduvanshi also started dying while fighting among themselves.

Samb, Charudeshna, Aniruddha and Gad died on seeing Shri Krishna. Then Shri Krishna became even more angry and killed all the remaining heroes. In the end only Daruka (Charioteer of Shri Krishna) was left. Shri Krishna told Daruk to immediately go to Hastinapur and tell Arjuna about the whole incident and bring him to Dwarka. Daruk did the same. After this Shri Krishna returned to Dwarka asking Balram to stay at the same place.

After coming to Dwarka, Shri Krishna told the whole incident to his father Vasudev. He was also very sad to know about the massacre of Yaduvanshis. Shri Krishna asked Vasudevji to protect the women till the arrival of Arjuna.

FAQs of How Was Dwarka City Drowned

Was Dwarka the actual kingdom of Lord Krishna?

Yes, according to Hindu mythology and corroborated by archaeological findings, Dwarka is believed to be the kingdom of Lord Krishna.

When did Dwarka submerge?

While the exact date remains uncertain, it is estimated to have occurred several thousand years ago.

Are there ongoing archaeological excavations in Dwarka?

Yes, researchers continue to explore the submerged remnants of Dwarka, unearthing more clues about its history.

Did Dwarka’s residents have any warning before its submersion?

There is no historical evidence to suggest that the inhabitants of Dwarka had prior knowledge of the impending submersion.

What lessons can we learn from the story of Dwarka?

Dwarka serves as a reminder of the impermanence of even the most grandiose civilizations, emphasizing the importance of environmental stewardship.

Is there a possibility of Dwarka resurfacing in the future?

Given the current geological conditions, it is highly unlikely that Dwarka will re-emerge from the depths of the Arabian Sea.

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