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Health Tips What is Nomophobia Know Smartphone Harmful Effects on Body

The way we are lost in smartphones day and night, it is causing serious and dangerous damage to health. Many researches have shown that continuous use of the phone or not being able to live even a moment without a mobile phone can lead to a disease called ‘Nomophobia’. It is so dangerous that it can make the body a home for diseases. Nomophobia is called smartphone addiction. In a survey conducted worldwide, 84% smartphone users admitted that they cannot spend even a day without their phone. Nomophobia has a negative effect on both physical and mental health. Know which diseases can occur due to it…

Diseases Caused by Nomophobia

1. Effect on the backbone
According to the United Chiropractic Association, constantly using the phone causes the shoulders and neck to bend, which has a bad effect on the spine.

2. Lung problems
Continuous use of the phone causes the neck to bend, due to which the body starts having difficulty in taking full or deep breaths. This affects the health of the lungs.

3. Text neck problem
Staring at the phone screen continuously causes neck pain. This is called text neck. This problem is more common among people who constantly send text messages and browse the web.

4. Computer vision syndrome
A survey by the American Vision Council found that 70% of people squint their eyes while looking at a smartphone screen, which later becomes Computer Vision Syndrome. It causes swelling in the eyes and blurred vision.

5. Kidney failure may occur
According to a report, about 75% of people in the world take their smartphones to the bathroom. Due to which E-coli bacteria can be found on 1 out of every 6 phones. There is a possibility of spreading diarrhea and kidney failure due to this bacteria.

6. Sleep problems
If the light of the smartphone falls on the face for two hours, melatonin decreases by 22%. This leads to sleep problems. A survey has found that 12 percent of people’s personal lives have been affected due to smartphone addiction.

7. Low confidence
In a survey, more than 41 percent of people have admitted that they keep using their smartphone to avoid looking stupid in front of someone. Doing this can reduce their confidence. Therefore, this should be avoided.

8. Anxiety may increase
In a survey, 45 percent of smartphone users have admitted that they are worried about losing their phone or other things. This shows that the phone is also increasing stress. Experts believe that excessive use of phone can distance you from family and friends. This can also spoil your social image.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, please consult the concerned expert.

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