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man jumps into river to get relief from heat police thought dead body video goes viral on social media | Police reached to pick up the dead body after seeing it floating on the river bank, lost their senses as soon as they touched it

Viral Video: These days, there is severe heat in some states of India. The heat has made people's lives miserable. People are trying many different ways to avoid the heat. Most people are using AC, coolers. At the same time, some people are spending some time in water parks. So that they can get relief from the heat.

But in many places there are no things like water parks or swimming pools. There are rivers. These days, during the scorching heat, a shocking video has surfaced from the river on social media. Where a dead body is seen floating in the river. The police was shocked to see it. The video is becoming very viral on social media.

A living person in the river was mistaken for a dead body

In the video that is going viral, a bank of the river is visible. Something like a dead body is seen floating on the bank. People are quite surprised to see this. Then the police is called there. After this, when the police goes to the river bank and checks, the matter appears to be the opposite. Actually, the dead body floating on the river bank was not a dead body but a living person.

As soon as the police went to the shore and started pulling the man thinking him to be a dead body, the police got stunned. The man whom the police thought was a dead body got up and sat. After this, when the man lying in the river revealed why he was swimming in the water like this, he told that he was doing this to escape the heat. Even the police personnel were shocked to know the truth. The video is going viral on social media.

people are commenting

The viral video has been shared on the micro-blogging platform X by an account named @AAnamika_. It has been viewed more than 4 lakh times. People are also commenting a lot on it. One user commented, 'The police is busy in making the living dead and the dead alive.' Another user commented, 'They are not even letting us take a bath.' Another user commented, 'They don't even let us drown peacefully.' While another user commented, 'What kind of people live here.'

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