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Mix These 4 Foods To Cool Your Stomach

If you eat curd in this way in hot weather, your face fills with pimples without clearing your stomach, mix these 4 foods to cool your stomach.

Mix These 4 Foods To Cool Your Stomach

Eat Curd - Mix These 4 Foods To Cool Your Stomach

The statement you provided is suggesting that consuming curd (also known as yogurt) in a particular way during hot weather can lead to the development of pimples on your face. However, simply mixing four specific foods can help cool your stomach and prevent this from happening.

Curd is known for its cooling properties and is often consumed in hot weather to help regulate body temperature. However, the statement is cautioning against consuming it in a certain way that could potentially cause pimples to appear on your face.

It’s important to note that consuming curd alone is not the direct cause of pimples on your face. Pimples can be caused by a variety of factors such as genetics, hormonal imbalances, and certain skincare products. However, consuming curd in a way that does not suit your body type or current health condition can aggravate existing skin issues.

To avoid this, the statement suggests mixing four specific foods to cool your stomach and promote overall digestive health. These foods likely have cooling properties that can help balance the digestive system and prevent the development of skin issues such as pimples.

Can We Eat Curd in Summer

People eat a lot of curd in summer. It is believed to cool the stomach. But doctors of Ayurveda have decided this belief to be wrong and they have also told the right way and right time to eat curd.

The internal temperature of the body should be balanced. If the body starts to heat up, many problems can be faced. Due to this, problems such as excessive sweating, burning in the stomach, blisters or rashes on the body begin. Summer diet should be given special attention to keep it under control.

Eating curd will spoil the health

Foods To Cool Your Stomach- Eating curd will spoil the health

Dr. Nikita Kohli says that curd (Curd Benefits For Health) is beneficial to the body in many ways, but its benefits can be doubled only when it is consumed in the right way. If yogurt is not consumed properly, at the right time and in the right season, it can be harmful to our health.

Ayurvedic way of eating curd

Foods To Cool Your Stomach- Ayurvedic way of eating curd

If you eat curd as told in Ayurveda (How To Eat Curd in Ayurveda), then the body gets many benefits. But eating only curd in summer can do more harm than good. That’s why mix one of the 4 things with curd in summer and then eat curd only.

  • Amla powder
  • Country Ghee
  • granulated sugar
  • Green gram dal

The Right Time to Eat Curd

Foods To Cool Your Stomach- The Right Time to Eat Curd

There is also a right time to have curd. Doctors say that curd should never be consumed at night. This can cause stomach upset. You can have it casually with lunch. Doctors said curd should never be eaten at night. This can increase the problem of phlegm. Apart from this, curd should not be consumed daily. Only buttermilk can be consumed daily, mixed with spices like sandhav salt, black pepper and cumin.

The Right Season to Eat Curd

Foods To Cool Your Stomach - The Right Season to Eat Curd

Ayurveda also advises checking the best season before eating curd. Doctors say that curd has a warming effect so it is considered good to consume it in winter. Avoid eating curd in summer and monsoon. So if you want to eat curd, you should eat it occasionally, in the afternoon and in small quantities. If you don’t like to eat curd, buttermilk is the best option for you.

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These People Should Not Consume Curd

Foods To Cool Your Stomach - These People Should Not Consume Curd

Yogurt should be avoided by those with obesity, Kapha disorders, bleeding disorders or bone-related diseases. Consuming this can make your health worse. Also, although curd is not heated directly, some dishes are made in a curd mixture. If you reheat dishes made with yogurt mixture, it can be harmful to your health. According to doctors, curd loses its healthful properties when heated.

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