Who is the Boss of Delhi? Supreme Court Decided Today 2023

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Who is the Boss of Delhi?

New Delhi: Who is the boss of Delhi? or Who will have control over the services in the capital Delhi, a five-judge bench of the Supreme Court has given its verdict. All the five judges are of the same opinion. The judgment is written in two parts. The question was under whom the appointments and transfers of officers in Delhi would come. The Supreme Court has said that the issue before us is to review the rights of the Central and Delhi Government.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal will be very happy today, know what decision the Supreme Court gave on the boss of Delhi!

The Delhi government says that it is an elected government but it is not being given to it now. Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party government has been arguing that if we cannot post officers, how will we work? The Delhi government has said that Delhi is different from the rest of the Union Territories. On this, the Supreme Court said that we do not completely agree with the 2019 decision. In that decision, complete control was given to the central government. In that decision, it was said that appointments above the rank of Joint Secretary would be made by the Central Government.

Today the Supreme Court has given its verdict on the power tussle between the Center and the State over Delhi. The Supreme Court has said that under Article 239AA the Delhi Assembly has got many powers but a balance has been made with the Center. There has been a controversy regarding this section. The court said that the Parliament also has rights in the affairs of Delhi.

The court clearly said that Delhi did not get the status of a full state, so a balance has to be struck with the Centre. 239 AA does not give powers related to police, law and order and land to the Delhi Legislative Assembly. Apart from this, all the powers are with the Delhi government.

The court further said that the members of the Delhi Legislative Assembly are elected by the people like other legislative assemblies.

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