Kshatriyas Wearing Turbans, 500 Years After the Destruction of the Ram Temple!

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Bhumi Pujan: a groundbreaking ceremony that happened on August 5, 2020, in Ayodhya. It was a historic moment that marked the end of a 500 years old struggle and the beginning of a new chapter in India’s history. The whole nation celebrated this momentous occasion, but for the Suryavanshi Kshatriya community of Ayodhya, it was an especially emotional moment. Many of them were moved to tears, as they felt a deep connection to the Ram Janmbhumi and Ayodhya’s rich cultural heritage.

Thakur Gajsingh played a key role in spearheading the campaign against the Mughals, and for the Suryavanshi community, this was a personal victory. They had defended the sanctity of the Ram Janmbhumi and Ayodhya themselves, facing tremendous challenges and hardships along the way. Even during the turbulent times of the 1990s, the Suryavanshi community hosted “karsevaks,” providing them with a safe haven and washing their feet as a sign of respect and hospitality.

The Bhumi Pujan was a powerful moment of unity and celebration, bringing people from all walks of life together to honor and commemorate Ayodhya’s rich cultural heritage.

500 years ago, the ancestors of this community stopped wearing their turbans after losing control of Ram Janmabhoomi to the Mughals. It’s been 500 years since then, and now this community in Ayodhya is ready to wear its headgear once again.

Gave Up Wearing Turbans After Losing Ram Janmabhoomi

Let me tell you about an amazing community that lives on both sides of the Saryu River. They believe that they are the descendants of Shri Ram, whom they affectionately call “Raja Ram”.

Around 500 years ago, their ancestors made a solemn vow. They pledged not to wear their turbans after being defeated by the Mughal armies and losing control over the Ram temple. The clan vowed that they would not wear their turbans until they won back the Ram-Janmbhoomi and its dignity. Since then, they have been using a “Gamcha” or a “Mauri” to keep their heads bare.

But that’s not all – the clan also gave up the use of the traditional “Chhatri” (umbrella) and “Khadau”(wooden slippers) as part of their vow. They have kept this tradition alive for centuries and continue to do.

The loss was a huge impact on the spirits of the people. They felt crushed and filled with regret. However, this soul-crushing experience only made them more determined to fight for the rightful place of Ram Lalla. But things took a turn after the historic Supreme Court verdict in 2019.

Things changed and It brought with it a new sense of hope and a brighter future. Although there was still some hesitation, people started distributing ladoos, a traditional sweet, and the turban was slowly making a comeback. However, some people were still fearful of the past returning and were cautious. They wanted to ensure that the construction of the temple was completed before they could truly celebrate the end of their 500-year-old struggle and proudly wear their turbans back again.

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The Tradition of Kshatriyas Wearing Turbans, 500 Years After the Destruction of the Ram Temple
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