Makbool Family in Korgao Worships Lord Ganesha 2023

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In the heart of PANJIM, a testament to religious unity unfolds as a devout Muslim family in Korgao embraces the age-old practice of venerating Lord Ganesha. This year marks the fifth consecutive occasion that they gather to pay homage to the deity with the magnificent elephantine visage.

Makbool Malgemani, a distinguished resident of Korgao and a wordsmith by profession, traces the origins of this tradition back to his ancestors in the verdant village of Hubli, nestled in Karnataka. Though his father departed this mortal coil in 2012, Makbool has diligently upheld the legacy of paying reverence to Ganesha.

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The family’s odyssey led them from the bustling streets of Old Goa to the urban sprawl of Panjim, and subsequently, to the tranquil enclaves of Nerul, Tuem, before finding their sanctuary in Korgao. It was there, amidst the serene surroundings, that the decision was made to enshrine Lord Ganesha’s divine presence during the auspicious festival of Chaturthi. Yet, Makbool’s father, sagely advised that they must have a dwelling to call their own, a sanctum for the worship of the benevolent God of wisdom and prosperity.

In a twist of fate, it was Parshuram Gawde, the benevolent employer of Makbool’s father, who extended the helping hand needed to procure land and erect a home. Thus, from that moment forth, the ritualistic adoration of Lord Ganesha commenced. And so, for half a decade, the echoes of devotion have resounded through the hallowed halls of their abode in Korgao. Though the family’s ancestral soil bore witness to similar ceremonies, the practice waned with the dissolution of their joint familial bonds. Today, Makbool proudly reignites the flame of reverence for the Lord of Vignaharta.

“I extend my reverence to the entire pantheon of deities. Our diverse land is adorned with a tapestry of festivities, each a vibrant thread in the fabric of our culture. In my heart, I hold fast to the belief that there exists only one true creed, and it is for this reason that I wholeheartedly revere Lord Ganesha. Many souls, including the benevolent Gawde household, have stood by my side in unwavering support,” Makbool eloquently declared.

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