True Incident of Barsana 2023

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Let Us Read The True Incident of Barsana…!!

There was a woman named Rama who lived in a village.

He had been married for 5-6 years but still had no children.

Once the festival of Shri Radha Ashtami came… the women of the village were going to Barsana.

The woman said, you also come to Barsana… Radha Rani is very kind.. she will definitely fill your lap.

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She had never been out of her house for seven to eight days. Her husband and mother-in-law also gave her permission to leave.

He just decided in his mind that Radha Rani will definitely fill his lap.

On the day she had to go, she got an injury on her leg and was unable to walk, yet she set out on the journey with the women.

The chanting of Radha Krishna continued in the train all the way. Thus she reached Barsana with all the women.

Everyone took a bath and got ready to go to Radha ji temple.

When we go to Radha ji’s palace, we have to climb a lot of stairs.

As she started climbing the stairs, she said to the women, you all go ahead, I am slowly coming down the stairs.

She was not able to even walk due to a leg injury. After climbing two-four stairs, her leg twisted and she started falling down.

Then a seven-eight year old girl held her hand… Rama said, daughter, if you had not been there today, I would have fallen down.

The girl said, “Mother, how could I let you fall like this?”

Rama asked, daughter, what is your name?

She said, my name is Lado, I live nearby.

Both of them sat on the stairs… Lado started saying, Mother, what have you brought for me..

There is no acquaintance and Lado is talking like this, Rama thought, then Rama said Lado, I will bring for you tomorrow, what do you like.

Lado says, I like nose ring, necklace, earrings, bangles, mehndi, ghagra choli, all these things, bring anything.. saying this the girl ran away.

Somehow Rama also returned after visiting the temple.

She came and started thinking about that girl… and brought a necklace and bangles for her from the market.

The next day, she was found waiting for her at the same place where she had met.

Like the bangles and necklace given to her, she said that she did not bring any other things just like this and she sat down with a pout.

Then Rama said, I am here for 8 days and will bring something for you every day.

Hearing this, Lado sat in his lap and hugged him.

Rama started crying as if she had found a child… she caressed his head lovingly… just like that she went away again.

Rama came from the temple and got ghagra and choli made for this she would give him something or the other every day.

One day Rama says, now show me how I look even after wearing all these things.

Lado said tomorrow is Radha Ashtami, I will wear it tomorrow.. This time there was a boy with Lado too..

Seeing him, Rama said, “I don’t know what came to my mind today. I have bought a dhoti and a peacock crown.. should I give it away?”

Lado said, this is Kanua.. he lives with me.. yes you give him.. saying this they both went away with the things.

The next day was Radhashtami. When Rama came to the stairs, he did not find anyone there.

After a long wait, when she reached the temple, there was a huge crowd there.. Kirtan and dancing were going on.

Similarly, she went ahead cutting through the crowd.. and looking there, saw Radha ji and saw Thakur ji…

She was wearing the same things which she had brought.

She became like a stone… Tears started flowing from her eyes… It did not take long to understand that they were Lado Radha ji and Kanua Krishna ji…

The Lord of the world himself comes to him… Radha ji sits in his lap… and gives him motherly happiness.

It was as if she had become a bawri.. day and night she kept saying Laado Laado.. kept calling.

She said to the women, you all go home, I will not go. Her mother-in-law and husband also came to take her, but she did not go along.

Now, every day, while sitting on the stairs, she would wash the stairs with tears and brush them with her eyelashes.

It’s been 30 years since he did this.

One day a girl held his hand and took him upstairs to the attic. She went there and said, “Here I am, your son.”

Saying this, she called Rama with open arms and hugged her.

That day Rama embraced me in such a way that she left this earthly body and went to her beloved forever.

This incident teaches us all that whatever hope we have, whether it is fruitful or selfless, we should have it only from God.

Hail to the government that makes it rain…

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